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Arcanum 9

The Ninth Key represents old Saturn falling and the Goddess Moon victoriously rising. Saturn is the lead and the Moon is the silver. The terrestrial Adam, the psychological “I” must fall and die so that the Adam-Christ can be born within us. We need to transmute the lead into gold. The lead of our personality must be transmuted into the gold of the Spirit.

The Moon-Mercury-Sophic (the Ens Seminis) must rise and return inwardly and upwardly.


Arcanum 10

In this lecture we are going to study the Arcanum 10 of the Tarot. It is necessary to analyze the cosmogonic wheel of Ezekiel. In this wheel, we find the battle of antitheses. Hermanubis rises on the right and Typhon descends through the left of the fatal wheel. This is the wheel of the centuries, the wheel of reincarnations and of karma. Upon the wheel appears the mystery of the sphinx grasps the flaming sword between its lion’s paws. This is the wheel of antithesis. The serpent of brass that healed the Israelites in the wilderness and the terrible, tempting serpent of Eden are mutually combating each other.

Arcanum 11

The study of the Eleventh Arcanum of the Tarot corresponds to this lecture. The hieroglyphic of this Arcanum is a beautiful woman crowned with the sacred sign of infinity and who very gently (with Olympic serenity) shuts the jaw of a furious lion with her own hands.

tarot 11

Divine kings’ thrones were adorned with lions made out of massive amounts of gold. The gold signifies the sacred fire of Kundalini; this reminds us of Horus, oro (Spanish for gold). We need to transmute the lead of the personality into the gold of the Spirit and only in the alchemist’s laboratorium is it possible to perform this work.

Arcanum 12

We must now study the Twelfth Arcanum of the Tarot. Chinese tradition mentions the ten trunks (Shikan) and the twelve branches. It is necessary to know that the seven chakras and the five senses are the twelve faculties. The universe emerged from the Chinese Hoel-Tun; this is the primordial chaos. The ten trunks and the twelve branches emerged from the chaos, which in Alchemy is the Ens Seminis, the Lapis Philosophorum or the Philosophical Stone.

The entire misterium magnum is found enclosed within this Sum Matter.

Arcanum 13

Let us now study the Thirteenth Arcanum of the Tarot. This is the Arcanum of Death.

tarot 13

Indeed, death is the return into the womb. Life and death are two phenomena of the same thing. Death is the difference of whole numbers; only the values of the consciousness are what remain after this mathematical operation is completed. These values (when seeing them clairvoyantly) look like a legion of phantoms that continue. The return of these values occurs in the mechanism of Nature. Indeed, the soul does not reincarnate, because the human being does not have his soul incarnated yet. Only the values are what return and incarnate.

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