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Arcanum 20

tarot-20-judgmentLet us now profoundly concentrate on the study of the Twentieth Arcanum of the Tarot. The Hieroglyphics of this Arcanum are related to Judgment. As the Angel is playing the trumpet the dead are escaping from the graveyard. In this Arcanum a man, a woman and a child are resuscitating. This is a marvelous ternary.

When studying this Arcanum, we must not continue with the old Hebraic monotony; it is necessary for us to judiciously concentrate on the problem of resurrection if what we truly want is to be Resurrected Masters.

Arcanum 21


Let us now study the Twenty-first Arcanum of the Tarot. The hieroglyphic of this Arcanum is the Fool.

When examining this Arcanum, we perceive a wretched Fool with a shoulder bag on a stick (within which he carries all of his absurdities and vices) and who as a rootless wanderer goes wandering aimlessly with no course or objective. His clothes in disarray leave his sexual organs exposed and a tiger cat, which is following him, bites him incessantly and he does not try to defend himself. So, sensitivity is found represented in this Arcanum: the flesh, the material life.


We have accomplished this charge and feel satisfaction, since we have served humanity and ourselves.

To present a work of such magnitude, encourages us and prepares us for new services.

Humanity has never liked the doctrine of the Gnostics.

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