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Foreword to the Reader

This book which you have in your hands, entitled Treatise on Occult Medicine and Practical Magic, has been delivered as a 1977-1978 Christmas Message.

This Message was proofed by the author, who later added many formulae of High Magic, Theurgy, Occult Botany, Thaumaturgy, Elementotherapy, Esoteric Medicine, Nahualism, etc.

In reality, we truly have written this book for those individuals who are presently weary of the many pseudo-occultist and pseudo-esoteric theories.  It is written for those who want to enter into the internal worlds immediately.  It is written for those who now yearn to enter into the laboratorium of Nature.

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The hour of great decisions has arrived and there is no time to waste. We are assisting in this last moment of agony of this decayed and degenerated race.

The world has covered itself with a horrifying darkness. Painful howls escape from the cavernous abyss.

The tempest of exclusiveness has burst and the ray of justice is terribly shining within the august immensity of thought.

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The Faculties of Medicine

“The vanity of erudites does not come from heaven, but they learn it from one another, and upon this base they edify their church.” - Paracelsus, Fundam Sap. Frangm.

In a magazine from Berlin, Bruno Noah textually states the following:

“His excellency, the rector of the University of Halle, Sir Professor Dr. Hahne states in his discourse 2-2-1934: ‘I have the sufficient courage of publicly declaring myself in favor of Astrology, and that it is time to recognize Astrology as a science. I regret the fact of not having preoccupied myself before with astrology.’”

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Medical Clinics

“The one who can cure sicknesses is a physician. Neither the emperors, nor the popes, nor the colleges, not even the superior schools can create physicians. They can grant privileges and make a person who is not a physician appear as if he is a physician. They can grant unto this person permission to kill, but they cannot give him the power to heal. They cannot make of that person a true physician, unless such a person has already been ordained by God.” - Paracelsus

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Healing Sanctuaries

We are in a solitary spot of a tropical forest. Here everything breathes a profound mysterious air. A long time ago, a race of illuminated sages once lived in this place, before our beloved Americas were invaded by the Spanish hordes.

In this stead named Coveñas, in the state of Bolivar close to the town of San Andres, Colombia, is where some Gnostic sages of an indigenous race still live. We are at the outlook of an enchanted well. A silvester, a creepy crawling creature called a “cienpies” (centipede) by the natives of that region walks around the well, then it disappears within the waters.

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