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Gazing at the mistery: Reincarnation


When death’s hour arrives, the angel in charge of cutting the thread of existence attends the bedside of the dying. Thus, in that precise instant in which we exhale the last breath, the angel of death takes the soul out of the body and cuts with his scythe the silver cord. This cord is a certain mysterious, silver thread that connects the soul with the physical body. That magnetic cord can stretch or shrink itself infinitely.

It is stated that a dream is nothing but a small death. It is known that during dreams the soul is not inside the body; the detached soul travels to remote distances, thus the silver thread elongates infinitely. Thanks to this thread the soul can return to its physical body in the moment of awakening after sleep.


Gazing at the mistery: Karma


My friends, there is a law called karma. This law in itself signifies cause and effect, or action and consequence.

You must comprehend what the law of compensation is. Everything that one does one must pay for, because there is no cause without an effect nor effect without cause. Liberty, free will, has been granted unto us, thus we can do whatever we wish; nonetheless, we have to answer to God for all of our deeds.

Gazing at the mistery: The Glacial Men

Glacial Humans

Well, my friends, now we are going to discuss the glacial humans.

It is urgent to comprehend the process of the revolution of the axis of the Earth, which brings distinct glaciations. It has said unto us that before the past glaciation, the poles of the Earth were situated in the zone that presently corresponds to the equatorial line, in such a way that what was the equator became converted into the poles, and vice versa. This is what originated the submergence of Atlantis, and it is clear that by such cause the terrestrial geography changed.

Gazing at the mistery: Mysterious Disappearances

Mysterious Disappearances

My friends, since the last century, the phenomenon of a great quantity of mysterious disappearances has been presented. This is something that we must study.

In the last century, the spectacular case of the disappearance of an entire marine crew was registered. A certain ship that was navigating towards Spain was found in the middle of the sea in a perfect state, loaded with jewels, merchandise, and things of a great value, but without a crew. That ship was found completely solitary; absolutely nothing was ever discovered about its mariners.

Gazing at the mistery: The Men Fish

Human Fish

My friends, in this meeting today we are going to discuss human fish. This seems a little strange to you, right?

First of all, I want to remind you that we, the Gnostics, have methods and special systems in order to investigate all of this, we would say, in a spiritual manner.

Did you ever hear at some time a talk about the projection of the soul? The soul of any person can be projected, that is to say, to escape from the body and to transport herself to any corner of the universe with the purpose of seeing, hearing, touching, and perceiving that which is of interest to her. Allow me, then, to tell you that we know the secret, the clues, in order to perform such incorporeal journeys.

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