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Our position is absolutely independent. The revolution of the dialectic does not have any weapons other than intelligence, neither systems other than wisdom.

The new culture will be synthetic, and its base will be the revolution of the dialectic.

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The Revolution of the Dialectic

Monotheism always leads to anthropomorphism (idolatry), which by reaction originates materialistic atheism. This is why we prefer polytheism.

We are not afraid to talk about the intelligent principles of the mechanical phenomena of nature, even if people classify us as pagans.

We are partisans of a modern polytheism founded on Psychotronics.

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The Teachings

Only life intensely lived provides lasting wisdom.  However, the mind, which is the one that causes us to commit errors, impedes us from arriving at the amphitheatre of cosmic science.  The errors of the mind are those ‘“I’s” or psychological defects that the intellectual animal, falsely called a human being, carries within his interior.

The psychological defects are within the 49 levels of our consciousness.

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The Didactic for the Dissolution of the “I”

The best didactic for the dissolution of the “I” is found in an intensely lived practical life.

Interrelationships are a marvelous full length mirror in which the “I” can be thoroughly contemplated.

In relationships with our fellowmen, the defects that are hidden flourish spontaneously from within the depths of our subconsciousness. The defects leap out because our subconsciousness betrays us. Only if we are in a state of alert perception can we see them as they really are.

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The Struggle of the Opposites

A great master once said, “Seek enlightenment, for all else will be added onto you.”

Enlightenment’s worst enemy is the “I.” It is necessary to know that the “I” is a knot in the flow of existence, a fatal obstruction in the flow of life free in its movement.

A master was asked, “What is the way?”

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