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The Level of Being

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What are we living for? Why are we living?

Unquestionably, the wretched “intellectual animal,” mistakenly called a human being, not only ignores, but furthermore ignores that he ignores.

The worst of it is the strange and difficult situation in which we find ourselves; we ignore the secret of all our tragedies and yet we are convinced that we know it all.

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The Marvelous Ladder

We must long for a real change; we must get out of this boring routine, out of this purely mechanical and wearied life.

What we must first clearly understand is that each one of us is at one Level of Being or another.

The Level of Being of the drunkard is different from that of the abstemious, and the Level of Being of the prostitute is different from that of the virgin. What we are stating here is indisputable, irrefutable.

Advancing on the theme of this chapter, it is not irrelevant if we imagine the numerous rungs of a ladder which extends itself upwards, vertically.

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Psychological Rebellion

It is not irrelevant to remind our readers that a mathematical point exists within us. Unquestionably, such a point is never found either in the past or in the future.

Whosoever wants to discover that mysterious point must look for it here and now within oneself at this exact moment, not a second earlier, not a second later.

The two horizontal and vertical lines of the Holy Cross intersect at this point.

Thus, we find ourselves from moment to moment before two paths: the Horizontal and the Vertical.

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The Essence

What makes every newborn child beautiful and adorable is his Essence; the Essence in itself constitutes his true reality.

In all creatures, the normal growth of the Essence is certainly scanty, insufficient.

The human body grows and develops in accordance with the biological laws of the species; however, such possibilities in themselves are extremely limited for the Essence.

Unquestionably, without help, the Essence can only grow to a small degree.

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To Accuse Oneself

The Essence that each one of us carries within his interior comes from above, from Heaven, from the stars...

Unquestionably, the marvelous Essence emanates from the note La (the Milky Way, the galaxy we live in).


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