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The Seven Loaves of Bread

1. "The overseer of the palace, Nu, triumphant, saith,'That which is an abomination unto me, that which is an abomination unto me, let me not eat. That which is an abomination unto me, that which is an abomination unto me, is filth; let me not eat it in the place of the sepulchral cakes which are offered unto the Kas. Let me not be destroyed thereby; let me not be compelled to take it into my hands; and let me not be compelled to walk thereon in my sandals.'" - The Book of the Dead, Chapter 51

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Speculum Alchemie

1. The principles of all the metals are Salt, Mercury and Sulfur.

2. Mercury, Sulfur, or Salt alone cannot give origin to metals. However, when united, they give birth to diverse mineral metals.

3. Therefore, it is logical that our Philosophical Stone must inevitably have these three principles.

4. Sulfur is the fire of alchemy, Mercury is the spirit of alchemy, and Salt is the mastery of alchemy.

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The Fire

1. We must work with the matter of our blessed stone, with the goal of perfecting our internal bodies.

2. In the mines, we see how the crude elements are transformed by heat until they are converted into Mercury.

3. In the mines, we see the fire transforming the grease of the Earth into Sulfur.

4. The heat acting upon these two principles engenders all the metals of the Earth according to their purity or impurity.

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The Furnace and the Receptacle

1. In Light of Lights, Aristotle stated,

"Mercury must be baked in a triple receptacle of very hard glass."

2. The receptacle must be round with a very small neck.

3. This receptacle is the virile member. The semen is within our sexual organs. It is the crude matter of the Great Work.

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The Chapter of Bringing Along a Boat in the Underworld


1. "The overseer of the house of the overseer of the seal, Nu, triumphant, saith, 'Hail, ye who bring along the boat over the evil back of [Apepi], grant that I may bring the boat along, and coil up [its] ropes in peace, in peace. Come, come, hasten, hasten for I have come to see my father Osiris, the lord of the ansi garment, who hath gained the mastery with joy of heart. Hail lord of the rain-storm, thou Male, thou Sailor! Hail, thou that dost sail over the evil back of Apep! Hail thou that dost bind up heads and doth stablish the bones of the neck when thou comest forth from the knives. Hail, thou who art in charge of the hidden boat, who dost fetter Apep, grant that I may bring along the boat, and that I may coil up the ropes and that I may sail forth therein. This land is baleful, and the stars have over-balanced themselves and have fallen upon their faces therein, and they have not found anything which will help them to ascend again: their path is blocked by the tongue of Ra. Antebu [is] the guide of the two lands. Seb is established [through] their rudders. The power which openeth the Disk. The prince of the red beings. I am brought along like him that hath suffered shipwreck; grant that my Khu, my brother, may come to me, and that [I] may set out for the place whereof thou knowest.'"

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